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Neighbor Program is a Pan-African Socialist organization committed to SERVING the PEOPLE and RADICALLY LOVING our NEIGHBOR; through this radical love we look to carry on the People's revolutionary struggle towards liberation. We believe that european settler-kkkolonialism has waged a war of genocide against Africa & ALL Africans. This genocidal war has created conditions where African(Black) and Brown Indigenous People, and all oppressed People are deprived from their basic human rights and we believe it is duty to stand up against this genocide and organize the people to work towards liberation.


Neighbor Program believes in Pan-Africanism and works towards Black Liberation, which means we believe in building a world where all  Africans and the entire continent of Africa is liberated and unified under scientific socialism. We believe this is necessary for the survival of humanity.


Nothing that we do is without reason. We seek to carry on the tradition and the work of the revoluationaries before us, such as The Black Panther Party, Kwame Ture, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Bantu Steven Biko & countless others. Our work is guided by the politic of Revolutionary Pan-Africanism, Black Radical Tradition, elders, theory, decolonized political education, and lived experiences.

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