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with Raiin Ali

Neighbor Program's Raiin Ali is hosting mindfulness classes Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm.

The class will focus on breathwork and other healing and mindfulness practices.

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RaiiN Ali is a revolutionary artist and educator. birthed in Baltimore, MD (1991), raised in Medowview, Sacramento, CA, earned her degree in Education in 2015, and spent four years healing, nurtuting, and unraveling in Asia (2015-2019). She traveled through 11 countries while maintaining a home base in Thailand during those four years and returned to California to earn her teaching credential (12/21). RaiiN found her path to balance the lack of love in her own community through experiencing an immersion of life in a never before colonized society. Currently she is focussing as a freedom warrior as a resource to her community through mindfulness with an emphasis on gut health, breathwork, and the arts.

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