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Neighbor Program IS PROUD to open the Dr. Mutulu Shakur Health Clinic; every last Saturday of the month. Neighbor Program along with our community partners/practitioners will be providing FREE health & wellness services to the People. Neighbor Program will have team members using Dr. Mutulu Shakur's ear seeding acupressure technique. This practice was brought to the community by the Black Panther Party after a 1970 trip to the People's Republic of China. Dr. Mutulu led a coalition made up of the Young Lords, the Black Panther Party, and other revolutionaries to establish The People’s Drug Program at the Lincoln Hospital also known as the Lincon Detox Center in the South Bronx in November 1970. It is this history that grounds us and compels us to operate the Dr. Mutulu Shakur Health Clinic.

H&W Clinic Brochure (17 × 11 in) (Instagram Post).png
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